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How do I get started with FB Shop?

This FB Shop opportunity requires an initial upfront investment as well as working capital to grow the store. We only partner with clients who have a healthy income or financial profile and are looking to build or expand into the online space. Please setup a consultation above if this describes you! That is the first step.

Do we offer funding or financing?

We work with 3rd party funding options we can refer you to if you have a good credit score. They can look at your current financial situation and tell you exactly how much funding you qualify for.

Is the startup fee one time only?

To get your business setup, that is the only time you pay the startup fee.  Unless anything changes or you want to do something different with your products.  The only other fee is the profit splits.

Can I use credit cards to scale the business?

Yes, you can use anyones credit card or debit card as long as you are authorized.  This card will be used to purchase inventory.  Some credit cards offer unique perks.  The best cards we have seen are typically the Amex cards which can easily scale with your store.

How do returns work?

Whenever a customer wants a return, the team will send them a return label and ship the order back to wherever we sourced it. We try to make it as hands free and hands off as possible for our clients.

What products will my store sell?

We sell general products in different niches from different US suppliers, for example: Home improvement products, we don’t sell anything offensive, cannabis or porn related products.

What makes my store different from others?

Product research is done for each store individually, so each store will have different products posted on them.

How many products will be in my store?

We list anywhere from 15-30 products everyday in your store, there will be more than 300 products on it by the end of the first month.

What are the profit margins with Facebook Shop?

The lowest will be 15% in which will allow us to push more volume on Facebook Shop and in turn allow us to scale higher are higher profit margins. The average profit margin is between 20% - 40% The highest profit margin we have seen was 60%, Facebook has the highest profit margins of any other platform.

Why do you need me if you can do it yourself?

Facebook only allows us to have one account person, so by partnering with you, we can expand and scale our operation using our expertise.

How long does the setup process take?

First week we will onboard you and this consists of two onboarding calls. One before you receive your Sandi Ecom laptop and one after you receive it. Once you are fully onboarded we will prepare assets including logo, page posts, followers, and likes on the business page for your FB Shops and then submit them for approval. Approval times can range from 1-4 weeks but we have seen a lot of clients get approved in under a week. From there we warm up the FB Shop which takes about 1-2 months and will allow us to begin scaling the Shop in months 3-4.

What happens if Facebook bans my account?

Facebook only bans your account if we are posting products who go against the community guidelines. We are very aware of those guidelines and never go against them, even if Facebook does ban your account, we will ask for a manual review and they will see nothing wrong with the account.

Can I pause my store if it’s growing too fast?

Yes, we can put your store on vacation mode to stop new sales if you run out of capital.

How much working capital should I need?

$1.5k Minimum Per Facebook Shop

Why invest in Facebook automation?

Facebook is here to stay and they are investing billions of dollars in order to develop their Shop, their goal is to compete with big names like eBay and Amazon, investing now would mean getting an early start in this industry.

How does Facebook pay?

Facebook sends daily payouts, the first payout will be 5 days after your first customer received their order.

Is Drop shipping against Facebook’s terms of service?

No, Facebook allows you to dropship on their platform, as long as we follow their community guidelines.​

How long takes to get a return on investment? 

You can expect to see a return on your investment within 9-12 months. Of course, every eCommerce store and investing partner is different, so your specific results may vary. However, as long as you have a clear plan and goals for your eCommerce business, you should be able to see a return on your investment within this timeframe.

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